About “Naturefriends Bremen”

Greetings from The International Climate Project of the “Naturefriends Bremen”!

At The International Climate Project, we are an educational initiative focused on empowering children and young adults from Europe, Africa, and South America to become agents of change in the fight against climate change. Since 2010, our project has been implementing measures to promote education for sustainable development, recognizing the crucial role of young people as decision-makers and consumers of tomorrow.

Who are we?

The International Climate Project is a part of the “Naturefriends Bremen” association, a global movement dedicated to fostering environmental awareness and sustainable development. We believe that by engaging children and young adults in topics such as the environment, climate change, and renewable energies, we can inspire a generation of conscious citizens who will actively work towards a greener and more sustainable future.

What do we do?

Our project focuses on providing educational experiences and opportunities for children and young adults from different continents to come together and learn about environmental challenges and solutions. Through workshops, interactive sessions, and collaborative initiatives, we aim to nurture their knowledge and understanding of these critical issues.

Our team of dedicated educators and volunteers design and implement various educational measures, including hands-on activities, educational resources, and cultural exchanges. By creating a platform for cross-cultural dialogue and learning, we foster a global perspective on climate change, encouraging young minds to think beyond borders and adopt sustainable practices in their everyday lives.