„From Knowledge to Action“ – Supported by generally understandable material for instance the “Climate Case” students are trained to become “Climate Scouts”. Due to that the “Climate Workshop” is in progress in many different countries. At first it started in Germany and Togo and soon after, a series of those soon very popular events took place in Namibia (2014 in Swakopmund and 2015 in Windhoek) as well as in Chile in 2017. Students of different age groups perform campaigns against the climate change together. The internationality of the Climate Project reinforces an important message: The climate change doesn’t stop at country borders and everybody should care about climate protection!

In our International Climate Project countries that are different from each other in terms of climate, ecology, economy and sociality participate. So, current disadvantages, that result from non-sustainable behaviour or rather from non-climate-friendly actions become clearly visible due to the direct and interactive exchange between the countries. The young adults as well as adults in general are faced with different points of view and get the chance to learn the opportunities and risks of their own actions and learn how their actions influence future generations.

When is consumption harmful?

New phone? Or continue to use the old? Or rather no mobile phone anymore?
Traveling by plane? Or rather go by bus? Or not travel at all? Eat meat or live vegetarian? Ecologically and socially responsible life? There are no simple answers. Each one of us has to find „his / her“ own way.

The Three Pillars of Sustainability are a central concept of global environmental policy. Ecology, Economy and Social. There are three strategies for practical implementation: (1) Efficiency: More with less! Prefer products whose production uses little resources and energy.

(2) Consistency: Produce products so that the ecosystems are not destroyed. (3) Sufficiency: Reduced resource consumption by reducing and changing demand. Learn more? Look at the three videos:


Take a look at our videos

Join in, it‘s about you!
Three questions, your answers …

In order to keep improving our work in the Climate Project, we would like to know more about how young people think about sustainable consumption. Therefore we would like to invite you to answer us three questions. Please enter your current location in the interactive map so we can spatially evaluate the answers. You can but do not need to tell us your email address. But if you tell us your e-mail address, you will receive a newsletter with our evaluations. And of course you have the opportunity through this path to stay in touch with the Climate Project.

If you want to join, look at our questions and please send us your answers. Thank you for the participation. The team from the Climate Project of the Bremen Naturefriends.

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